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Fine Art Printing

Printing Services

Giclee Printing

Up to 63" Wide

Here is a theme we have heard time and again. “Finding a printer vendor who I can work with, and realizes and my artistic vision is a daunting task.”

At Artist Resource Group, we are very sensitive to these needs. Art and visual expression is subjective and can be hard to verbalize. That is why we make it our goal to personally get to know every one our customers, understand their artistic methods, and work with them closely through the printing process, from color correction and proofing to finished pieces.

Our large-format giclée prints are produced with top-quality archival inks and printed on an extensive variety of materials, including cotton rag, photographic papers, canvas, fabrics, and other substrates. We also provide you with your choice in material quality based on your needs, from museum-quality Archival to economy and non-archival options.

Dye-Sub Printing

Print to Metal, Glass, Laminates, Wood and Fabric

The process of Dye sublimation printing has been around since the 1950’s, mainly used in commercial applications at that time, it produced glossy low-resolution prints not suited for fine art or photography reproduction.

Today, however, this technology supports archival, high-resolution prints suitable for fine art and photography.


How It Works

This process starts with a unique inkjet print on transfer paper, that is placed in a high-temperature (up to 400˚F) heat press along with the coated material of your choice. Pressure is then put on the print and material causing the ink transfer into the coating of the article. These pieces can stand alone with an easel-back, or be framed or braced for hanging

We are very excited about the possible applications of these prints which have an attractive dimensional quality not seen in the traditional giclee prints, while also being durable, lightfast and archival.


Here to serve you

With best-in-class technology and equipment and our meticulous attention to detail, we can guarantee that you will receive the best products and service available on the market.

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