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Surface Scanning for 3D Application

3D Scanning

Surface Scanning

3D Mapping for Surfaces

If you need to replicate a surface for a 3D environments or need a depth map for custom decor replication like wood flooring, wood paneling, wall coverings of any other process that needs depth map information we have you covered. Our scanner has the ability to generate the files needed to replicate surfaces by capturing an almost infinite number of lighting angles and intensities. Once captured, our scanners software enables users to visualize highlight and shadow variations for post-scan image review and for final styling to be done in real-time without having to re-scanning the original piece.

For the world of 2D, this means more realistic product renders to showcase in literature and online virtual environments. Our scanner captures in-register color, texture and glossiness data to be leveraged for the most realistic images possible compared to the original piece.


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